Billing & Account Management

Use Kloudville’s billing and account management application to easily customize and manage customer accounts and invoicing. From personalized transaction emails to invoice overviews, we offer an easy and effective way to keep you and your customers on top of account payments.

Kloudville makes it easy to quickly set up the payment methods your company accepts. Credit and debit card payments are accepted within the system using a secure payment gateway. Easily configure multiple payment terms within minutes. Payment terms are automatically enforced once assigned to customers to make different payment plans easy to integrate.

Input payment information directly to a customer’s profile—saved credit cards, billing addresses, and account contacts all make future purchases easy and seamless for your customers. You are also able to apply configured payment terms and set what payments types you accept from specific customers.
A sophisticated email notification system ensures that your customers are informed of order statuses and required payments. This way, invoices can be paid on time with no extra hassles.
Multi-account support is available for customers who would like to use multiple currencies or credit cards.
Instantly view all invoices, payments, and transactions to ensure you are receiving payments on time and to track invoice activity.

Key Features

  • Customizable payment methods and terms
  • Customer billing accounts
  • Multi-account and multi-currency support

  • Email notifications

  • Invoice, payment, outstanding payment, and transaction       overviews
  • Intergrated with external accounting solution such as QuickBooks


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