Customer Management

The customer management application gives you the ability to manage customer information and interactions and access a 360° view of all customer related information from other Kloudville apps, in one place.

Data and information from all of your customer's accounts can be viewed in the customer profile. Easily access and view customer details such as:

  • Communication preferences
  • Customer locations
  • Credit profiles
  • Special notes and attachments

Stay up to date with customer transactions and interactions to improve the quality of service you provide to your customers. Interaction records are generated automatically when quotes, invoices, or other emails are sent to the customer. You also have the ability to create to-do's and schedule follow ups based on individual interaction items.
The Kloudville customer management application seamlessly integrates customer-related data across all Kloudville solutions in one place to provide you with a 360° view of customer information and activities.
  • Quote managements
  • Order management with tracking and order status
  • Customer purchase history
  • Account billing information and payment activities
  • Set maximum outstanding balances and customized payment terms
  • Analytic reports based on product categories, order quantity, quote probability, and more
Kloudville’s Customer Management solution helps your business create and organize customer opportunities, track every stage of your sales pipeline, categorize revenue occurrence by either monthly, yearly or one-time installments, and schedule sales and revenue received dates. Through our complex analytics system, you can also view a summary of your future revenue.

Key Features

  • Customer profiles
  • Customer interactions, projects, status, contacts
  • Full history of quotes and orders

  • Customer 360° view

  • Create to-do's and schedule follow-ups with customers
  • Customer segmentation


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