Expense Management

Kloudville’s Expense Management application makes expense management streamlined and efficient. Employees and contractors can easily submit their expenses through Kloudville for review and payment.

Employees may easily enter their expenses into Kloudville and attach receipts. They can select location, expense category, dates and so on to enter their expenses in the system. In addition, they can email their expenses as a CSV spreadsheet and system will automatically processes the expense and generate the records in Kloudville.

Kloudville supports defining multiple expense types for office expenses, project expenses and so on; each expense type can have its own custom process for approval and payment. For example, system can automatically approve expenses that are below a threshold, or send expenses for approval to one or more authorized users. Users authorized to approve expense may change approved amounts or send expenses back to employees for revision.
General managers can actively monitor internal expenses. Employees can get email notifications as soon as expenses get approved. In addition, project managers can get full overview of expenses per project and the billable portions. Billable expenses can be aggregated to be invoiced to clients.
Kloudville supports defining tax rebate rules for different jurisdictions. Expense taxes will be calculated based on expense location and expense category. This information can be sent to external accounting solutions for further processing if needed.
Exchange rates can be set manually or automatically for different time periods. Employees may enter expenses in original currencies, and system will calculate all the amounts in the currency that employee gets paid in.
Get a complete overview of employee expenses across the organization based on expense categories, locations, projects, and so on.


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