Issue Management

Our issue management application can organize all your tickets and support needs and help your business deal with them more efficiently.

Kloudville’s issue management application gives a comprehensive overview of all details of submitted issues. You can organize issues received from different channels, (like email, portal, or call) and get a bird’s eye view of everything occurring in your issue and support services. In this application, you can also assign issue priority and streamline data for customer, supplier, or staff specific issues.

Kloudville’s issue management application can be easily configured to create notifications to allow real-time updates on issue progress and resolution. All activities such as notes, tasks, etc., are logged in real-time from submission to resolution. Therefore, all users have access to a full history of all stages of issue resolution.
This application also offers advanced analytics and KPIs to improve your future decision-making processes. For example, you can get insight using indicators such as average resolution time by issue type, CSR team productivity, and so on.
Through sophisticated workflows and by creating ad hoc manual tasks, you can fully customize and implement issue resolution processes tailored to the needs of your company. To further improve efficiency, task escalation mechanism to higher-lever stakeholder is triggered if task assignment isn’t completed by established deadline.


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