My Company

My company grants stakeholders the ability to access company information, employee profiles, and a comprehensive assortment off all other information related to your organization.

Information from all your employee accounts can be viewed in the company profile. Utilize this application to view details such as:

  • Employee profiles
  • Company notes
  • Progress reports
  • Special notes and attachments
  • Registration information
  • Invoices
Along with company meetings, calendars, status and schedules. This is enhanced by role-based visual privileges.
Easily maneuver through employee directory including:
  • Offer letters
  • Vacation accruals
  • Full bonus track records
  • Employee profiles
  • Employee reviews
You also have the ability to store emergency contact information as well as any identifiers such as drivers licenses, passports, company equipment, etc.
Expense management tab within this application is used to track all company expenses. This includes project related expenses, company expenses (staff parties), as well as any other expenses incurred. Expenses go through a unique work flow tailored to your company’s expense approval process. Whether this includes multistep approvals or just one, Kloudville can handle it all.
Supplier Management tab within this application allows you to track all company suppliers in one easy tab. Here we can filter through our suppliers by various categories such as stationary, legal services, insurance, etc. We are also able to view all supplier information such as contact information, currency, locations, interactions with the supplier including issue progress, and resolution.

Key Features

  • Company profile, locations, product collaterals, documents, and       brochures
  • Employee interactions, projects, status, and contacts
  • Human capital processes, policies, staff information and roles
  • Supplier profiles, contacts and history

  • Expense management capabiltiies
  • Choose transparency, or restrict access to customer data to
          account managers and sales teams


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