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Quicklink Solutions is an advanced technology company specializing in scalable IT solutions and services (S&S) for clients across a broad spectrum of industry type and size. We deal primarily in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), managed services, and application development. With the head office based in Islamabad (Pakistan) our services are rapidly expanding to regions including The Middle East, USA and South Asia. We endeavor to provide clients not only quality services but also an enriching experience.
We endeavor to provide clients not only quality services but also an enriching experience. This is why we are very conscious of who we select as our own technology sourcing companies. Our technology partners are viewed as an extension of our global team and a reflection of our work standards. Our successful experience with regional private and public sector organizations has earned us professional insight and versatility in what we do, allowing us to best understand diverse industry requirements and deliver with constancy, each time.
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  • Over the years, we have been involved in continuous refinement of our project management abilities reaching optimal efficiency. We value our clients time and guarantee its efficient use.


  • We have a team of experienced and certified professionals ensuring the best user experience regarding all our services.


  • Quicklink Solutions has a talented team to assist and provide you with managed services relevant to your needs.


  • We know our job doesn't end on delivery of a product. We love our customers and continuous client servicing is one of our top most priorities. Our team will be there to assist you through each stage of execution of our services.


  • Quicklink Solutions has a young, dynamic and devoted team that is responsive to evolving technologies. We stay up to date with the progressive nature of our services and provide our clients with the latest products.

CEO Message

Nadir ShahCEO

Our Challenges never end.

We Quicklink  solutions are the company  to ensure the future strong through the software development, specialized in communication and network. We have the latest information skills/experiences and excellent human resources. We promote business with our strong spirit that is to fulfill customers' requests at all times. Our company also creates what customers need to realize glamorous dream they have. As a result, we contribute to render an affluent society. These are our motivation.

While improving our professional skill and learning the latest technology every day, we keep on challenging as the group of proposing-style system engineers. Moreover we provide high quality and value-added services to customers and societies as our "highlighted skill," and aim for global contributions. We will continue on providing the best performance for inspiring others. We would like to have your support and patronage, and are looking forward to doing business with you.

Nadir Shah Founder & CEO

Our Incredible Leadership

Najam Islam CIO
Bilal QaziSales & Marketing
Muhammad NadeemGeneral Manager
Nahid ShahInternational Business Manager
Jahangir KhanFinancial Controller


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